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Jeremy Passion I Don't Care lyrics

Verse 1:
Chilling here with the guys,
On a Saturday night.
They talking 'bout hitting the club,
trying to pick something up.
So I said I'm going to decline.
They asked for reasons why,
I don't wanna have fun tonight.
They say, "J, you deserve a break."
But they don't understand,
I'm wanna to be a faithful man to my girl.

If only they knew that
I'm a changed man
I'm not who I was before.
Finally found love,
Though you're so far away.
You were worth waiting for.

I don't care if there's miles that stand between us,
I don't care if time start pushing through,
Don't care what people think about us,
I'm gonna find my way to you.
Cause darling we're stronger,
We're troopers.
Not your average kind of love.
Bring me the weather,
our love is strong enough.

Verse 2:
See, people be talking bout us,
saying that we would never make it from the start.
But when everyone else saw,
the name and the fame.
You saw only saw my heart.
You are the reason I'm inspired,
Nothing else mattered before you came.
Where would be if we had listened,
to what other people say?

If only they knew that,
what we had is real,
it's not like those loves before.
Finally found love,
though you're so far away.
You were worth waiting for!


Though there are times we can't find,
understanding or peace of mind.
I'm just so glad that each time,
I shared you, only you.
Baby, our love is not based,
on what other people say.
Only yourself and God knows the truth.


I don't care.

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