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Just Ask A Question Lyrics

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If there's something you don't know
That you'd like to learn about
Don't sit and mope all day
I know a real good way
To help you get things figured out
'Cause learnin' stuff
Is not so rough
In fact it's easy if you try
Just ask a question
That starts "Where" or "When"
Or "Who", "How", "What" or "Why"

Okay, wanna try?

Prairie Dawn: Okay, ummmm, I got one

Why do flowers bloom in springtime?

Tracy: Because the sun turns warm in May

Elmo: When will Elmo be a grown-up?

Tracy: You're getting older every day

Elmo: Oh good!

Telly: Tracy, how'd you get so smart?

Tracy: Well, you can really learn a lot
By asking questions that start "Where" or "When"
Or "Who", "How", "Why" or "What"

Elmo: Hey, Tracy, now you ask some questions

Tracy: Okay

Herry, what's your favorite colour?

Herry: Well, my favorite colour's blue

Tracy: Rosita, what does "Tu Ma Gustas" mean?

Rosita: It means, "I like you"

Tracy: Oh, that's nice
And how can you and I
Eat just one piece of pie

All: The best way is to share

Tracy: And why are grouches grouchy?

Oscar: I don't know
And I don't care!

Tracy: A kid's main job is learning
It's your most important task
So don't be too proud
To say out loud
"I don't know, but I'll ask."
So look for someone nice
Who'll give you good advice
And when you find 'em
Don't be shy
Just ask a question that starts "Where" or "When"
Or "Who", "How", "What" or "Why"

All: Just ask a question that starts "Where" or "When"
Or "Who", "How", "What" or "Why"

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