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Just Friends (Sunny) / If You Want Me To Stay Lyrics

"Just Friends (Sunny) / If You Want Me To Stay" was written by Bobby Hebb, Carvin Haggins, Taalid Johnson.
"Just Friends (Sunny) / If You Want Me To Stay" was written by Bobby Hebb, Carvin Haggins, Taalid Johnson.

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How y'all feel?
Y'all feel good?
Alright now

Girl, I know this might seem strange
But let me know if I'm out of order
4 stepping 2 U this way
See, I've been watching U 4 awhile, now
And I just gotta let'cha know
That I'm really feeling your style
'cause I had 2 know your name, babe
And leave U with my number
And I hope that U would call me someday
Now If U want now U can give me yours 2, yeah
If U don't, well I ain't mad at U, nah
We can still be cool 'cause...

(I'm not trying 2 pressure U) Sing it, what?
(Just can't stop thinkin' 'bout U) Can't hear U
(U ain't even really) ...gotta be my (girlfriend) Oh no
(I just wanna know your name) Know it
(And maybe) ...sometime
(We can hook up...) And what? (hang out...) When what? (just chill)
Aw baby

She called
Damn, I'm surprised that U called
'cause the way U walked away
I thought that U won't see me no more
Since U didn't wanna give me your name
Thought that U were...
But anyway, what U doing 2night
I'll probably be with my peoples
If it's cool with U, maybe we'll swing by
U can just chill with us
Or U can just chill with me
Long as U're comfortable
And U feel secure when U're with me, see

I'm not trying 2... (pressure U)
What? (Just can't stop thinkin' 'bout U)
Sing it (U ain't even really...) even (...gotta be my girlfriend)
U ain't even gotta be my girlfriend, oh no
Oh yeah yeah

Everybody in the house 2night, yo, make some noise
Yeah yeah



Oh babe
Yeah, thank U very much
I appreciate it


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