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Just Getting Warm Lyrics

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{Intro and chorus}
Don't you call this a regular jam, i'm gonna rock this land
(Now i know it's been a little minute and shit)
I'm gonna take this city witty world by storm
(But I'm bout to warm this bitch up a lil bit)
And I'm just getting warm
(Let's GO!!)

Uh, we bout to do it again
Flipmode bitch
We gon do it, do it, do it(6x)
(ok, we gon get straight to it, blackout fuck it, come on)
(5 niggas in the front come on)
(fly bitches in the front come on)
(Ay yo Dre lemme give the drug to em)

{Verse 1}
I said look
I'm setting this shit off
I ain't even start yet i'm burning ya skin off
Mommy in the spot, pretty shape and skin soft
Gettin hot and sweaty mommy take everything off
Right now
They know me as king, boss
And 2 correa GT's, pushin 1 and my twin porshe
Butter soft seats off, white wit a tint gloss
Got a driveway and a manshion where da roof is a big loft,
Dress up in the finest fabrics and da kid floss,
And the tailors only drape in the finest of rich cloths,
So when a nigga step out make errythang scorth,
A sizzle, like a fire, that'll burn from a lit torch.
They pay to see the guard, no matter what shit cost,
Until them shots fly, cuz them bullets'll criss-cross,
Hit ya wit the key to shit, bangin wit a big force.
Before i get hot, weak niggas'll get lost. So...

[Chorus 2x]
Ho and i'm just getting warm(4x)

{Verse 2}
I said wait,
I'm making the street pop,
I'll be back on the block,
Strapped wit a heat rock,
Hit ya wit a banger, like a beef in the detox,
Look, she be makin every thug in the street flock,
It's gettin' kinda warm now,
Burn up ya Reeboks,
Its warmin than an island in the tropics where peacocks
Be at....
Every corner and east block,
Rims keep spinnin bitch whenever the v stop
Its like a magic when the flow and the beat lock
Comin' with the cannon fully loaded and restocked
Spit, Bitches wanna bounce when the beat hot(bum bum bu bum)
Hear the bass and the beat knock
You need not
Disrespect me the mean glock
Cook ya like the cocoa that'll boil in ya teapot
Make a nigga late decay and the beef rot
Warm it up again until I sizzle the street hot

Ho and i'm just getting warm(4x)

{Verse 3}
Here we go
While you niggas remain phony
The guard comin' thru bout to do it again homie
Know the routine when i step in the building check it
Niggas blaze alot of weed,bitches strip ass naked
While i'm down i make bitches holla
Then we leave the club and find a jeopardy goin' charter,
Shut up another mother fucker down with the show stopper
And shit all over niggas everytime and we do it proper

[Chorus 2x]

Ho and i'm just getting warm 4x

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