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La La La Lyrics

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la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la

you know the south got it on lock
you know the south got it on lock
(what they sayin man)


you hear them 808's dont ya man
from Atlanta to them pork and beans
the dirty south gettin all the cream
you know the south got it on lock

Baby Blue:

Everything about me's dirty
headband, wrist band, T-shirts, and socks is dirty
man i got them glocks with them ridin oh no them glocks is dirty
when i walk the strip im walkin dirty, to my chick im talkin dirty
get a glock up on my hip da da da da da dirty dirty
im off the hook like murphy lee in the dirty
you from up north u cant breath in the dirty
my chevy and my white walls a little dirty
but see them rims i cant keep them too dirty

cause they get them chicks
(the south)
thats why we get them bricks
(the south)
and we drop them hits
(the south)
and ride on 26's
(the south) (X2)



Da baby boy of da clique sexy Spec I got the force ones with the glitter on my check
and when i think about it my hobby is straight sex
like jumpin out the pool the panties they straight wet
the south tight like the spandex on peter pan
flossin in cars that cost a hundred grand
got them big guns that'll make ya say DAMN!
blue stars in the south runnin shit man 'cause we runnin shit man....

Slick Em:

a yea a yea a yea....yo when i was knockin on the door they wouldnt let me in
so i kicked it in like a grown man with some timberlands
now im a hungry pit foamin and we dubbed the cone man,
yall ridin on 2 ohhh, we ridin on chrome man.
cause i get the chrome man hatas get gone the
chickens commin home we get tipsy off that O and Gin
paint a picture, this the new south
playboy, you know what im talkin about...hakonamatada, whodamasiah
17 years im finna retire...RICH!(RICH)



baby girl the maverix got it on lock
you know we got it on lock
you know we got it on lock
so locked
on lock

you know the south got it on lock

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