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Lady at Mahogany Lyrics

from Subject

"Lady at Mahogany" is track #14 on the album Subject.
"Lady at Mahogany" is track #14 on the album Subject.

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This night the thunder head's lookin' lovely
Come here baby, let me drop this dime in your ear
You lookin' bubbly, I mean lovely, hug me
I was right, your bubbly
How you like the joint that's fluctuatin' JBLs
(uh that's nice)
That's me
How would you like to come back to my pad, lay low in my studio
I don't know for a day or so, I'm not rushin' this
We can groove at Cafe Mahogany

I met this lady at Mahogany repeat

Yea they call me the don, you know..nah, I'm just playin'
What's the deal with you tonight?
Nothin', what's up with you?
Ain't nothin' up, you know what I'm sayin'
You came with your girls?
Yea, those my girls right over there
Well I got my dogs...
[Big Tone:]
A yo yo, Dwele...
Ol' girl over there hittin' you up with the mad dog dude,
Ice grillin', callin' you
Who is that?
Oh God, let's roll

Lady of mahogany I'll do for you
Why is it that my ex girl is all up in my grill?
Must be that new Colgate, no wait
I feel some jealousy
While she's gettin' the soda, I'm gonna slide to the sofa
And proceed to kick monopoly to lady of mahogany
Lax with my love love and some herbal tea
Young lady grabbed the mic to kick some poetry
Her whole shit was directed to the Dwele G
While at the same time grimmin at my ex lady
Lazy I think you better call security
Thangs bout to get shady at the H.P.

Our souls have known only for one night
Yet it feels we have united despite old skeletons
With so much x in their name they should be pro black
At a constant look from your closet askin who's that?
Get the fuck back in your closet shouts to the ex flame
Your loss...My gain...Peace...

Do your thang, it's your show
Speak your peace then, let's roll
Watch your back my ex is getting close
You didn't have to break her nose
I came out here to enjoy myself
Now you got to come start some wild shit
Next time do me a favor, stay your ass at home
And leave my new babygirl alone

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