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Leave Him Dead Lyrics

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..when i see you niggas gonna get it
It is gonna get it, it is gonna get it word of mine
When i see you nigags is gonna get it
It is gonna get it

When i see you dead put the three in his head
Swear to Goddy .. know man Im leaving them red
Heard the speak in the face he can meet you ..
Like a pince when your mouth had eaten the ..
I had the eaten had repeat what i said
For those who dont argue rather get the heat instead
The stack go see you ..up with the crom eagle
Head on flow turned on with the ..need em
Is that soul ..eaten and they dont feed you
See you down here and i dont think you know paper
..names i aint never heard of .. f*ck the game you claim you murder

Leave him dead leave him leave him mama leave him dead
.. like a river ..
Leave him dead leave him leave him
Put the beef to bed i would take him ..
Leave him dead leave him leave him cause i need my spread
I have em in of my ..
Leave him dead leave him ..
From the the people ..

This is holla we .. me and ..right
We drop back around and restumple me
He ..shocking get caught
..Im taking the spot ..Michael way were making it hot
This inspiration is .. taking the block
You know youd rather play with devil i will play with my ..
Dont ask em ask ..he said he wanna battle
in my hood youd be assigned to say fool with the ..
little dudes get ..from tells that .. so just to be safe they stream
get the skin tattoo
but God damn you dont know my fam
but theres no ..i dont know you man
so i leave em .. i hit the ..
you know my favorite number forty but you eighty six


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