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girl i got something for you
been waiting all nite to show you
(repeat 2x)

Verse 1:

some time not too long ago
I was at the bar
takin shots of gold
getting hype bout ready to put on a show
told em
kuz when I get on stage/ I'm do my thang
and sho nuff
i rocked the mic

I'm Backstage just rolled up
just need to find a light
Then i see lil mama walk in
and damn she right
so i'ma walk over and see if she shy
hope not
kuz i really wanna handle her
u should be a model girl
i could be yo manager
or i could be the man u luv
and impress you with my stamina
if it came to that
kuz damn u phat
and i could see me behind that
make a video
and rewind that
make that thang clap
til we reach the climax like

girl i got something for you
been waiting all nite to show you
don't let me be too forward
Im a freak I wanna show ya
i got just what u need
baby just let me be me
kuz i got things to show ya
girl just let me know if i
can whisper in ya ear
get close like hip to to hip
then i give ya neck ya kiss
have u happy that u came here
now we grindin down low
then i'ma take control,
tell me what if you want it shawty
just let me know

Verse 2:
at this rate
might give u a baby
when i'm round u i'm always in the mood
at this rate
u would think it was steak
when I taste you girl
I play with my food

no walk of shame
when she in the room kuz
sweep her off her feet she ready to
jump the broom
she say i make her bust
and she in love
I asked her, well first, are u gonna let me cum too?
she said chivalry is dead
i give her chivalry intead
give HER head
have her shivverin in the bed
saved her in my phone as peanut butter
kuz her legs so easy to spread
After that say a prayer,
who said chivalry was dead
bring home the money and i open the door for her
so when we lay up
her legs move over like doors open
when i ain't coin much, i whisper them sweet nothins
and she shakin love it,
she gotta have more of it
i just can't get enough
so i give her more lovin
i hit that stuff til she run from it
take a shower,
look at each other,
then its back to humpin
can't put us two in a room,
kuz somebody gonna be fuckin!!

[repeat bridge]

[repeat hook 2x until fade]

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