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Lethal Injection Lyrics

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These niggas out chea disrespecting they ain't ready for a lethal injection (I'll put it in ya life bitch) these niggas out chea disrespecting they ain't ready for a lethal injection ( I kill you on first sight bitch) these niggas out chea disrespecting they ain't ready for a lethal injection ( 6 to the head 2 to the chest) heard these niggas out chea disrespecting they ain't ready for a lethal injection (send them Goons at them niggas then)

verse 1:
I'll put these niggas nuts in the ground we come with K's it ain't no secret round town niggas talking shit but Im standing on top the mountain throwing strikes at you niggas, you know the game 3 strikes thats ya life I heard a nigga talking shit well he can't talk no more send them alligators out the trap and its a wrap 6 to the face 2 to the chest thats the recipe if you ain't talking big money then don't step to me listen man im on a mission man you get in my way of balling you gone get it man I don't know bout ya'lll but we gorrillas man lil G's with no id's they killers man army type shit every gun and tight whips you can be the next bitch to get flipped I fuck with blood niggas, Crip niggas who don't play got killers in , New Orleans, Florida, & L.A. lets slang some iron nigga.


Ray Vicks-
Broad day I get dumb with the K you can't name a nigga that can run from a k, thats that drum on the K empty the whole clip we don't stunt with the K he think the beef over still hanging on the block well I guess we gotta leave this nigga stanking on the block I send my nigga at cha I ain't even gotta come paranoid late nights I be sleeping with my gun 22 in the clip with 1 in the chamber getcha ass spanked running up on a Gangsta I don't care who you killed we still gone stretch em nina to his dome watch me lethal inject em Thuggin in real life ain't no practice in the streets me and bad azz we just practice what we preach heard them jack boys laughing bout the shit they pulled bet I have the last laugh when that trigger get pulled


Nuk let me get that .223 (Mane this bitch lethal) well nigga sell that bitch to me Ima make it illegal they took 3 people now its a war I'm killing all you bitches for my nigga I play it raw like Jeezy & LT like Nino and CMB I was my brothers keeper so you know I'm thinking evil kill the whole block with that chop,chop,chop lil daddy we don't play right we like to catch em daylight .45's rang for the muthafuckin boss some lil niggas itching to knock one of you bitches off I ain't tryna keep the peace mane a nigga tryna live so if I hear ya looking for me I'm coming to ya crib knock,knock,knock you ain't know that was my block lil boy? Spent my whole life on that street now you wanna take it from me? Okay ima introduce you to this foreplay you wanna talk then? Fuck it kill the whole house then.


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