Lets Get It Crackin Lyrics

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release the crackin
all these girlies with the pretty little panties
turn around let me smack both them ass cheeks
throw your cups up if you're gettin nasty
ooo damn girl you're lookin real fancy
girl come on deuces lap i got free candy
throw yo cups up were gonna get nasty
(i know how to make you happy)
lets get it crackin, bottles we back in
town we so plastered, so meet me in the bathroom
she just turned 18, she calls me baby
yeah shes been waiting all night to rape me
here i come rubbin on your girls clit and under-bum
oops look what i found, a nice litte wonderbra
she must be young caue i can barely get under em
lips between the hips so i just keep on rubbin em
poke a hole in her but while im suckin them titties
yeah its fun, cause i can do all 3 at once
bust a nut let it drip drip from her tongue
slut i just gave you anal and you still licked it up
its time to find me some more girlies in the club
i like em black i like em white i like em young
i like em tall i like em short if they got junk
shes got an ass that goes... like a dump truck
i know she wants to take me home
shes callin her friends like "oh i got deuce with me girl,
so bring a bottle of rum and some condoms
cause we go have a threesome"
[jeffree star]
pink swag, glitter gun, high heels here i come
make-up on, in the club, fucked your mom just for fun
im so wet make you wild, make you wanna pull it out
oh wow on my knees cant breathe suck it down
i want to smear it all around cum queen bitch i wear the crown
stuff me up baby make me drown, bare-backin its a touch down
smackin fags is what i do,you wanna be me? huh whats new? spit or lube? you better choose. bitch whats a condom no excuse
my vagina is a petting zoo only let in 10 inch dudes
just got raped by drake, baby whyd you fuck up my hairdo?
its J-E-F-F-R-E-E-STAR
i play you boys like a fuckin guitar
lick my ass and my surgery scars.
i always smash midgets and fuckin retards
dont be afreaid of me girl, just bend make and let me rock your whole world
tonights gonna be one big blur, party in room three oh third
tities juggling up in hurr, we getting freaky thats fo sure
drinkin that ice cold burr i was born to rock this world

(Go) this place is turnin to a festival
(go) circus transexuals
(go) twirlin like a carousel
(go) lets go, lets go, lets go.
(oh) all the girlies with the pretty little panties,
turn around let me smack both them ass cheeks
throw your cups up if you're gettin nasty

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