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Let's Stay Together Lyrics

"Let's Stay Together" was written by Jennings.
"Let's Stay Together" was written by Jennings.

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Lalalalala la......ohhhhhhhh
we gon' put some people back together today ha
Lalalalala somebody gon' thank me after this song man
Lalalalala matter of fact I'm gon' thank me right now haha wooh
Lalalalala ooh

Girl I apologize I'm to blame
And I can't sympathize with your pain
If I could I'd make it go away, but I can't
So I concentrate on more realistic things
Like questioning is there anything here worth salvaging

Is it over, how do we go about deciding
Do we add up all the good times then divide them
By how many times we hurt each other
Or do we just ignore the numbers
And vow right now that nothing gonna take us under

Let's stay together
Can we agree to just disagree
Let's stay together
Don't do it for the kids do it for me
Let's stay together
I'm tired of all this making up and breaking up
Let's stay together

Girl I can't justify for what I've done
ain't got no reasons why, not even one
I pray to God what seems like every morning for the sun
to shine on us just one more time and let me hold you in my arms and we just cry



See if you leave
I will not die physically
But emotionally "You might as well bury me"
Said if I can't be the man I should've been
before all of this happened.
But if we hold on "And ask god for direction..."
when we get lost we can make the correction if we
just stand strong all our ups and downs have finally come around
And there will be nothing that can shake us nothing that can break us and we will stay together!!!

[Chorus x2]

(Put your hands together man, let's go)
Let's stay together

[Lyfe talking:]
This is where it all comes to a head at
Are all these years worth nothing,
Is it over?
You don't wanna be with him, he don't wanna be with you.
Hell you done made some mistakes too.
He done made some mistakes you done made some mistakes before man,
Work it out man.
And you dudes out there
Anybody can be slick at talking
Anybody can be slick at talking, man
Try to be slick at listening, man
Your work is at home
It ain't in the streets, it's at home
So get there, get there
And stay there.


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