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Leverage & Prospect Track Lyrics

feat. Red Silence In Wars (The Album)

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(Talking intro: slick instrumental)

Ah this like some real shit - you know that ridding shit- that type of shit that be like - like red silence in wars Regardless Devon Victory


Plush and duck a sewer leaving - cuff I shouldve new I need her- fail victim to your muthafucking frail sitting- crutch into simple shit - plus Im cupping oven tip's - oh muthafucking shit - if you leverage you gone find lethargy - you gone find the party - Im a fucking prospect - in the fucking projects - where she sucking -fucking dick- in the come leave it open pretty- plus her fucking pretty titty's- Im not even into this - she so uncoming- the hood straight warranted - I got shot down - I pissed the fucking cop- in case of lenient - touching blocks- cards down touching shocks - some been shot - ran there boulevards touching blocks


Duck into the centimeter - blind I know they fucking fleeing- Im not fucking human beings - just open up the casket- that could get your fucking ass kicked -
you ain't never stacking-
getting blew out backs-
getting blew out tap's -
get your fucking ass-
leave you unstrapped-
leaving you crapping out-
you prospected on purpose -
bitch I leave you fucking skirt'less- scam open up the million- plan to have you broke - and never using M.L.M - I'm watching no TV you muthafucking ass freezes


Keep into the open center - block so I won't remember - fall niggas yelling timber- timberland boots on my ground land proof- on a dedicated move - with streets tatted rule's- on the mask of the clipping up- looking up - wondering why my situation is stigg'a'dy stuck - Look into my vision - to end up seeing revisions - man fuck your decision - on unless - it's considered real- I'm thinking in it still- I'm "strapp" with scraping deal's - I'm strapped with scrapping thrill's - there are a lot bill's - pertained and getting concealed- the leverage on the deal- they still blocking it still - I wanted a fucking million I'm gonna have it still- what happened when you die - what happen when some one getting killed. what happened if you play what happened if I steal.


Situated with the fever - duck tapped can't use lever- you choose too still need here- and keep it real people - just on my mental notes - where I use fucking provokes - no more indo smoke - store open up the beer- girl bring your ass here - and give me a kiss - real bitches rub your tit's - real niggas grab your dick - watch ass the shit get twisted - blocked like it's fenced in-
like they dragged the niggga-
on the counter told you-
in my hand told you-
on the good told you-
great pussy
yep I told you-
Bed on the real told you-
bold on the real told you-
truth on the real told you-
great on the real told you-
move on the real told you.

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