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Life Is What You Make It Lyrics

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Wake wake wake up in
Hold on wake
They stole all my other shit
Keeping my money nigger
Fuck all that our talk

Life is only what you make it
You can take it and waste it
Or take reality ...
Your words will always remain sacred
Snake shit to get your face in harder
The static make the ..
They spin ... necessities and accessories
My destiny is taken complexity to the next degree
Insurrect.. That's the world I am
But I'll come with a master plan
Never heard about me
I'am ....
I'll be a spectacular cop killer
'Cause I can peel it a cop quick and accurate
From ... one skull to the dirt
I'll put in the hard work
Have you ever seen my concert jerk?
Your life is a game
You're gone kill yourself in the replay
My terminology is long as Philadelphia's freeway
How him? He's gay. He should direct traffic
Fuck that DJ I'm gone select ...

Life is what you make it up
Put the laser to the plate
And shut .. into little pieces
I'm back on aces
'Cause we'll help unlashing the pain
That we're facing
Next to our occupies
Like I did fell in love with narcotics
You might just give me your wallet
I got the product let's turn it on into original ...
...... caffeine morphine codeine
Celadrine celandine all in the dreams
Neighborhood pharmacy
No prescription need it

For sniff in bitches
Anybody with ..
'Cause life is how we live it

So who am I to say you can be getting high today?
It's a Friday neighborhood holiday
No Iceque hanging no Iceques
And Yes I like .... so I'm selling white toots
Fully friezing inside
Get you understand these ... with me

Steady... I get it chop it
I'm giving crack make the profit
... Package and corner the market
Hit the trunk and miss all this nonsense and chaos
We'll get delay I gotta live you with something to rock it
Flaw awkward there is no count in there is no life
So he pries he doesn't drop it
Nigger snick this ain't no coming
Honestly, when I see you there is no hard balls no conscious
... cause they say he run conscious
... him with the flow no nonsense
.. him with the dough no sponsors
And he is here... like his all four fathers
Try to live you all unconscious
This is my.. only one dime here
.. you'll get nothing but high here
... tough guy
Just forget another line here
... bitches my bitch's foot is an icon
..just came back from Africa...
And they wanted me to stay more
It was dreaming cumba way freeway ..
And it represent all day long
I'll do it for the hood

Wake up baby
The sun is in our face

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