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Like An Eagle Lyrics

feat. Snoop Dogg

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(GAME TALKING) another west coast classic , S N double O O P and Dub C and yours truely
(SNOOP) (CHOURUS) fly like an eagle,live my live so illigal,we gonna ride at ya peoples,see the evil in our eyes,its do or die
when will these niggaz ever learn,that time is money and money will get your ass burned,i learnd form the niggaz that done it before i had a chance,you know the ones with the chucks and the kackie pants,used too tell me all the time damn l'il man,took your advise now my live is a paridise,haveing it ghetto fabolous estabillised since 1992
(SNOOP)(CHOURUS twice) fly like an eagle,live my live so illegal,we gonna ride at ya people,see the evil in our eyes it do or die
(GAME)strait out the muthafucing jail with my blues on g unit shoes on,baby momma on the way jump in the reagal,throw snoop on,back to the hood and get my muthafuckin gin and juice on,it aint too long cause dubs still got spinners on the lac,and half on the dub sack,
if you smoking then hit it and pass it too the left,if you aint got nothing homie your smoking stress,niggaz see me and wanna bang they hood ,i dont know why when half you niggaz is scared of suge,nigga i put it down for my muthafuckin hood with my niggaz dub c and snoop eastwood,am surrounded by veterens westcoast rap ledgends,cause we banging the pound and westside connections,6 4 shevy when i wheelie of the block, its still 1 8 7 on a muthafucking cop
(SNOOP) (CHOURUS twice) fly like an eagle ,live my life so illegal ,we gonna ride at ya people, see the evil in our eyes its do or die
(DUB C) yeah,its about this time sitting on the hog seat ,dogg sizzle dogg pound snd black wall street 3 niggaz ready to ride get bandanas in pocket and we keep the party jmping like drolics,gangsta shit,i was raised of that,gold backs and swing ball bats,i dont spit fine spit terror,even pops seen me pushing the gangbang era.aint nobody identical im one of the most origanal,with this gun and vest when i bang south central,i represent swing i dont rep no coast,cause niggaz aint ready to die lke i would die for most ,10 years busting the game and aint falling off my husle and keep a fresh pair of busta knuckles, dub c bitch ive been rich and still reagal ,cause am fly like a muthafuckin eagle
(DUB C) (TALKS) thats it right there , black wall street ,swing ,dogg pound , world wide baby
(SNOOP)(CHOURUS twice) fly like an eagle , live my live so illegal we gonna ride at ya peoples ,see the evil in our eyes its do or die

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