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Living In A Dream Lyrics

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Lil Boosie badazz. lava house, what up big lou what up mandigo mayne. here it go again mayne phunk dawg exclusive bad azz

Lil Boosie:
i just lost 3 niggaz in a homicide, 4 or 5 mamas cryin er body slangin iron the preacher tell us lies, the whole hood crucked, aint never had shit naw i got the whole hood loookin. still eatin at the waffle house, still fuckin wit lava house still in goin beast mode and bring dem chappas out yeah im real retarded, u can try to stop my shine but im gon shine reguardless, baton rouge ratchet mayne but i aint from new orleans, hood niggaz street niggaz got my back nigga, 10years in the game na im that nigga zoomin on them bitches, body fulla glita, neva noe how im comin i play possum on a nigga, make the club powa up, lets get crunk in this bitch, me and my nigga, on that liqior ull get stumped in this bitch, u want it, i got it, all about dat profit lil nigga, even witta million dollars still that project nigga. waaaah

for the ups and downs and round n round it still seems like im livin here in a dream. in a dream, and it seems like these moments in times that make up my life my life my life. for the ups and downs and round n round it still seems like im livin here in a dream. in a dream, and it seems like these moments in times that make up my life my life my life

Verse 2:
Its like im livin in a dream and notin but real niggaz on the team..(dont noe this part) look i don came a long way, mothafucka you betta listen to what the song say i still keep the drama low case,i aint trippen and i aint slippen. dis respect the fam and imma have dat ass missing niggas hustle to hard, talk to much dirt, u get mine ya get merked put on a shirt, givin daps to killa cmokin syrup wit my niggas jack boys a della, theyll busta a niggas brain for a quarter thang, and for this rap shit, you can getchha bitch kidnaped for a packed bitch or for a small fee, abouta 100 deep, thats just the way it be when u play it in the streets damn


got 2 strips....u niggaz wanna see me dead and give me 20years yeah fuck you and fuck fed but i think to use my fuckin head, aint to may imma letteem take my mind of this muthafucka bread i gotta, chase mu dreams and follow my fuckin steps i gotta, go and get me and fuck everybody else when i was down on my hands, aint nobody wanna help how the fuck im gonna help you niggas yall dont wanna help urselfs for mile for me, im steady fuckin wit this music, lava house roll south wit dat bad ass boosie i picture my lifle like a star livin good wit still hood the same still stayin the dark i got people i love and plently love for this city, lava house and lil boosie got the worl gettin ratchet, lava house and lil boosie got the world gettin ratchet wit it


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