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Long Live The Pimp

Drinking on Texas (syrup)
Parking lot flexin (flexin)
Bumping UGK muh-fugga
Riding dirty with the K mu-fugga
Underground AK mu-fugga
Im drinking on Texas (Texas)
Parking lot flexin (flexin)
Bumping UGK muh-fugga
Eatin on shrimps muh-fugga
Long live the pimp muh-fugga
Future verse:
Sippin on Port Aurthur
Hangin with the robbers
Bad yellow bitch and her pussy taste like water
Candy red Cadillac deuce and a quarter
Bumpin Uncle Pimp and my Uncle Bun (UGK)
Niggas cant touch me like im Jay Prince Son
Water drippin off shining like a star
Grippin on the wheel Johnny Dane got me chill
Texas in my Sprite and im poppin seal
Drinkin on mud mugging with the thugs
Long live Chad the Dirty South love you (salute)
Im coming down tipping
Smoking reminiscing
Underground King you a legend in my memory
Trae Tha Truth verse coming soon

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