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Love Is All Gone Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
Its 3 AM I just cant seem to get to sleep.
Its been a habit of mine for about a week girl.
Ive been tossing and turning my knees are weak.
Im thinking about you, constantly.
Like every second you are always on my mind.
If I could only turn back the hands of time.
Id want you back. Id need you back.
But why cant we? Why?

Why cant we get along?
Theres no point in this fighting girl.
You know weve done wrong.
And why am I singing this song?
When the point of the matter is the love is all gone.
Why cant we even get along? If the love is all gone, the love is all gone.
Why cant we even get along? If the love is all gone, the love is all gone.

(Verse 2)
How can we get along, if you aint even holding on,
Im sick of fighting girl, in my heart is where you belong,
sick and tired of trying to make things right,
babe lets get to the point, we aint got all night,
You wanna say, I think its over babe.
I wanna say, just think it over babe.
Shouldve known it all along,
If we cant be together why cant we get along?


Youve seen every side of me, every different part of me,
I never thought Id ever be alone,
Ive given you everything, my life and my diamond ring,
And now I know my house is not a home,
Why did you give up on me? Its hard enough cant you see?
Its hard to lose a love like you.
My life is so incomplete. Im missing you constantly.
Id do anything for you. Oh.

(Hook) x 2

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