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Lovely Daze / Memory Lane Lyrics

from On My Way to Church

"Lovely Daze / Memory Lane" is track #12 on the album On My Way to Church. It was written by Hamilton, Chad Wesley / Presson, Ryan Christopher / Jones, / Powell,.
"Lovely Daze / Memory Lane" is track #12 on the album On My Way to Church. It was written by Hamilton, Chad Wesley / Presson, Ryan Christopher / Jones, / Powell,.

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Okay, okay
Yeah, we back in this bitch, I hate it
(Lovely Daze like this, like this)
Jim Jones nigga
(You know)
Capo Status
(Coofie smacka)

Aka Jim Caso
(Lovely painter)
And I jus' love it man
(Lovely daze like this)
I love paintin' these pictures for the hood, you dig
(That's where I'm at Eastside)
It's Dip-Set, Eastside, let's ride
(Come on)

They got me livin' like
I ain't worried 'bout my well bein'
I used to hurry up and sell fee
(2 for 5)
Like I ain't worried for the jail scene
(Fuck cops)
'Til I got knocked, yeah, observed in my cell C
(Ya honor)

I was young and was restless
Run around wit' my gun and my vestes
Yeah, I'm hungry and reckless
But no one better test us
(No way)
'Cause I got nuttin' to lose, suttin' to prove
I'm screamin' Eastside

While I dump on you dudes
And what we live by
What we gon' die by
So these rules I abide by

I'm duckin' shots on a drive by, finger the cops
Yeah, when they ride by
Squally, is what they scream, fuck it
As I polly wit my team, puff it, we on the scene rugged
Yeah, we get our green thuggin'
Fuck it, I scream out, yo, I'm, uh, G, fuck it
(Fuck it)

Lovely daze like this, I miss, I miss
(Lovely daze man, when I say)
(Lovely daze I'm talkin' 'bout)
Lovely daze like this, I miss, I miss
(Fresh in high School, fresh with that freedom)
(You know explorin' the streets nigga)

Lovely daze like this, I miss, I miss
(You know, takin' no prisoners man)
(Ready to do whatever whenever)
Lovely daze like this, I miss, I miss
(Fuck, what they talkin' 'bout man)
(You jus' doin, you man, find yaself)

You know how kids scheme
(How they scheme?)
We had big dreams
Of coppin' them Benzez up on big scene
(Bling, bling)
All glittered in jewels just like Liberraci

Look at my dipped posse
Look how this shit done, got me
I'm some paranoid shit
It's kinda scary I carry the 4 fifth
(Who want it)

It's kinda brazy that it be like that
It ain't no play me and you be right back
You better blaze me if it be like that
(Get me nigga)
They got some issues with views I got
(Uh huh)
I carry pistols when I cruise my block
(Let's ride)
It's a issue, if I cruise ya block
My dogs, 'ill get you, know the rules or not
(What up, now fool)

Uh, yeah, we will cruise ya parameters
(Where they at?)
You caught slippin' no rules or parameters
(Where they at?)
Yeah fuck the crews, fuck the cameras
(Fuck police)
I tell you now, ain't no dudes that can handle us
(Bull that)

Lovely daze like this, I miss, I miss
(Okay, now it done got lovlier, you know)
(We done did the hustlin' thing)
Lovely daze like this, I miss, I miss
(We done had fun on the streets)
(Now we entered the game and we gettin' millions)

Lovely daze like this, I miss I miss
(What's more lovlier than that? I'm tellin' you)
(I'm lovin' this shit. It ain't no takin' me back man)
Lovely daze like this, I miss
(I'm tellin' you man, it's lovely daze)
(From here on end, you hear me)

Can't forget about my born pos'
Can't forget about my night gangs
Get it all to the dice game
Bet, I brawl wit' my light frame
(Fo' sho)
I get it on like I'm Tysane
(Let's brawl)

And every year more niggaz deceased
I shed a tear and pour liquor on streets
(Jus' fo' you)
And burn a fear to raw spliffs of the leaf
(And get high)
And say a prayer, Lord, where's the relief?
(My dudes)

I'm burnin' purple jus' watchin' my ghetto birds
And peep the circle I'll tell you its several birds
(Peep game)
We gettin' guac, we hustlin' peddle birds
(That yae)

And fuck the cops, we bustin' our metal birds
(Desert Eag'z)
We from the block, we love our Stiletto birds
(Hey baby)
That's why we hustle and grind so we can pluck us a dime
And feed her some game and fuck up her mind
And she give me brain, I'm puffin' my lime, so lovely

Lovely daze like this
Wit my Dips, with my Dips
Fuckin' wit my Dips
Wit my Dips, gettin' chips
Fuckin' wit my Dips
My Dips, buyin' whips
Jus' fuckin' wit my Dips, my Dips

Yeah, it's lovely daze man
(That's right)
Jim Jones, fuck it shit, Capo Status
What's fuckin' wit that man?
(Coofie smacka)
For my Dip-Set, from hear on end, it's lovely daze
That's what this song is about
(That's it, that's it)
For my riders, ride out, fireman


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