Man Who Has Everything (AOL Sessions)

Hard... hard hard living
always helping always teaching always giving
your jewlery and your cars
they satisfy these women
Or should I say girls
cause they run around like children
but that aint what you need no
Baby u deserve to love someone
whos gon love you back
cause even a man who has everything
still needs something
money cant buy
baby you deserve someone
thats gon have your back
a women that has her own
anddont need nothing
Nothing but you baby
but the question is
can you give that baby
can you share your feelings
keep all your money
and give up your heart
Cause its never been easy no no
lov-ing me requires more
than your credit card
cause you gon get just what you pay for
Hmm ssomeone to put your heart to the limit yea
someone who knows when you hurting
and how to make it better
boy need somebody who gon tell the truth
even when you wrong
they gon stay there
stay with you forever
nothing but you baby
nothing but you baby
nothing but you baby
nothing but you baby

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