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Martians Vs. Aliens Lyrics

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Boy im too nice, Woulda rumble nigga.
My crew love to fight,
Rhymes thicker than hair grease, road kill-
Yeah you niggas jus dig me!
Cats act hard til the bitch come out,
Now what happend to the toughness you was talkin' about?
New album date,
Now i got more time than shit on you rappers,
Anytime i feel like, (Yeah),
We don't associate with snitches -
We could kick yo mouth shut, it might require a couple stitches.
Hit the campus, go scoop up Skylar Giggens,
Have a ride in my Ferrari, let me show you how im livin'
Im in the spots where its rowdy talk, crazy home,
You won' want toget steep-stouted, (yeah),
But dont confuse us huy that has an Audi,
Gettin head while im dumpin' weed ashes of my balcony.
And if i ain't top seven, then what you rank me as?
Because they rhyme softer than a baby's ass.
Shit im sorry Chuck, Shit i had to do it.
I easy eat the whip, That mean my shit is roofless,
Im a sup man, beat the shit out the beat,
Shit, it might just need a cut, man
Me? Im just a cool as nigga, but dont let these green eyes fool you my nigga.
So dat means dont pop off, fuck around, knock yo top off, you hear me son?
Im as real as they come, I aint even no gangsta.
Atleast im cool to admit it, cause theres so many fake ones.
Nigga sayin im 'hot', but i knew dat already,
Im jus' tryin' to do me, these niggas still want to test me,
Bars so cold, they need to unthaw, since they been callin' me lil' Snoop Dogg,
Homie ive been raw, shit,
Yonkers then im fucking with Kiss, but if im not im at the trump towers,
Knockin' yo bitch.
Its only a couple of niggas doin it.
Me, Y Lay, Jay Ko, Meet Mill Beats, Sean, Machine Gun, Kelly Shear,
Cant forget about my nigga Kendreck,
And for the niggas I aint mention, shit i aint dissin', (At All),
What up homie, What it do bro?
Replace my own women, shit.
WIth my new hoes, You know how it go,
Im still Underrated,
Me and my niggas ball,
Harder than Garry Payton,
I hear what they sayin',
Yeah im a lil' crazy, Blackberry Kush,
It got me feelin' like,
Listenin' to Shade, Forty Five in the ride bag, bitch by my side,
YMCMB til' I die!

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