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May I Lyrics

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Artist: Red Cafe
Album: May I 12"
Song: May I


Niggaz just love the cash
Shake down niggaz say yea
1-9 niggaz love the cash
H-A-R-D-R-O-C-K yo BK no, oh, oh, oh

You ain't gotta love what I do, like what I do
But you gon' respect what I do
I don't like nothin' about you, frontin' about you
We gon' get money without you

[Verse 1]
When shake down come through, who you gon' run to?
Have my money or we gon hunt you
Clak clak show you what the gun do
My murder game like a Roy Jones one, two
Now when the funds due who still gonna front you
Son dude you might get slumped on a humble
Might get a stealth torpedo to make you tumble
Cause hazard to ya hustle
Knew it wasn't hard to touch you
Especially when the bark, bark got a muzzle
And make the sound muffled
Chah - Chah {*silencer*} Brook-lyn muscle
Is I, always prepared for scuffles
You see I must do what I must do
Niggaz screamin' fuck me, well nigga fuck you!

May I, keep a little something for the G's
And, make a few ends while I breeze through
The late night shift on some late night shit
On the gangstas roam
May I, keep a little something for the G's
And, make a few ends while I breeze through
The late night shift on some late night shit
While ya momma ain't home

[Verse 2]
My mercedes sittin on AMG's
Squeeze three 80's 'til they empty
Seen lately it's a style to hate me
But even when inside I'm cool like a A/C
The nickel back sole in the park they paid me
The PJ's get shot up they blame me
Ya bitch wanna real nigga, she gon' page me
I'm the voice of Brooklyn, nigga you crazy
Questions need to be answered
Sexy rap niggaz needing a dancer, I'm cancer
Kill you in a matter of days
You's a durag nigga that I battled ya ways
It's inclusive, or shake a slug off, I'm elusive
Got new guns can't wait to use it
Although, I step all slow
Get respect also, hold Tech's I'm all-pro



[Verse 3]
Now we official, I'll address my issues
Either comply or I twist you, simple
Hardrock, been livin' on Hard Knock
Hate a bitch nigga that car hop, no
The dashboard in my BM, kinda confusing
Head game on my BM, cause confusion
I pump rock myself, like the infusion
Shake down got pink but not an illusion


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