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Me And My Baby Lyrics

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My Dear Little Baby

Velma (Mimicing).
My Dear Little Baby

My Sweet Little Baby

Velma (Mimicing)
My Sweet Little (Grummbled) Baby

Look At My Baby And Me

Me And My Baby
My Baby And Me
We're 'Bout As Happy
As Babies Can Be
What If I Find
That I'm Caught In A storm?
I Don't Care
My Baby's There
And Baby's Bound To Keep Me Warm
We're Sticking Together
And Ain't We Got Fun
So Much Together
You'd Count Us As One
Tell Old Man Worry To Go Climb A Tree
'Cause I've Got My Baby
My Sweet Little Baby
Look At My Baby And Me

Mary Sunshine(Spoken).
I Don't See How You Could Possibly Delay The Trial Another Second Mr. Flynn, My Readers Wouldn't Stand For It, To Have Her Baby Born In Jail

Billy Flynn (Spoken).
I Can Assure You She'll Come To Trial At The Earliest Possible Moment, And You Can Quote Me On That

Amos (Shouted).
Hey Everybody, I'm The Father, I'm The Father!

Yak Yak Yak Yak

Look At My Baby
My Baby And Me
A Dream Of A Duo
Now Don't You Agree
Why Keep It Mum
When There's Nothing To Hide?
And What I Feel
I Must Reveal
It's More That I Can Keep Inside
Let Me Assure You
It Won't Go Away
I Can Assure You
It Grows Everyday
I Was A One Once
But Now I'm A 'We'
'Cause I Got My Baby
My Dear Little Baby
Look At My Baby And Me

Mama Morton (Spoken).
I Think Its Sweet, First Time We Ever Had One Of Our Girls Knocked Up

Billy Flynn (Spoken).
Ive Got It And It's Brilliant, I'm Gonna Get Amos To Divorce You, That Way All The Sympathy'll Go To You And Not Him. You'll Be The Poor Little Deserted Mother To Be And That Crumb Is Runnin' Out On You

Amos (Shouted).
Thats My Kid, Thats My kid!

Roxie And Boys.
Look At My Baby
My Baby And Me
Facing The World
Nothing Can Stop Us
So Nobody Try
'Cause Baby's Rough
And Full Of Stuff
And Incidentally
So Am I

Get Out Of Our Way Folks
And Give Us Some Room
Watch How We Bubble
And Blossom And Bloom
Life Was A Prison
But We Got The Key
Me And My Baby
My Dear Little Baby
My Cute Little Baby
My Sweet Little Baby
My Fat Little Baby
My Soft Little Baby
My Pink Little Baby
My Bald Little Baby
Look At My Baby

And Me

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