Wale - MMG Under God (Heavenly People)

Hit me, uh, uh
(?) gotta rest
Head out the window screamin', "Maybach!"

[Verse 1]
One in a million, baby, I did it
From the city of straight gorillas, it made me a winner
I bought a new whip, like to rap about it
Only difference 'tween me and old niggas is that I actually got it
Yeah, I live it large, I'm a living legend
They know my presence from (?) to Seat Pleasant
Southside but takin' (?) luggage
Levitatin' Hova, I'm smokin' a holy confetti
They'll never take me under, they'll never say we under
You bitches not believe, no longer up-and-coming
Smart 8's by the waist, got the broads runnin'
A lot of G's in the piece, nigga, (?)
And I ain't trippin' 'bout a rapper these days
Money quicker than Jamaican relays
With that said, I relay
Life about the joy or pain, word to (?)
Black diamonds in the watch, it's ok to be late

[Verse 2]
Look, man, I do this for my coacher
To let him know what a nigga look like
When it was just a pen and notebook
Back when I (?)
Never live on a leash, nigga, please
Nobody back where they showed up
Oh, lord, that's why he pray for me
These niggas outta line, I heard they plannin' for kids
Well, I'm a self-made nigga, a well-paid nigga
So if a nigga need advice he can listen to me
I seen a nigga play the weapon leave a nigga deceased
Throwing nickels at the well but only changing my jeans
I ain't changing a thing maybe i'm part of the problem
I don' started a couple of parties where bodies were shot
Don' dissed some bitches had to carry some friends
Shit i've have been on my feeling but i got on (?)
I get shit quick under stand all my flaws loyalty is a law
MMG Under God!

One Day, Just one day they gon' understand this worn out heart of mine and subscribe to this genuine article of mine. But never mind a brother you are do it as a brother you love enough to correct. The passion and the profession over profession as i religiously rap that double m shit
Wale clears the air concerning recent Twitter beefs with Meek Mill on "MMG Under God".
Note: Needs fully transcribing.

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