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Month In The Summer Lyrics

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Month in the summer,
Dedicated to you,
And I go by the name of Sway,
Da Sypha Productions,
You know how we do it,
2005 we're normal,
Shinobi on the electrics,
Bomb Squad we're normal, 2005,
And tell dem bois to stop bittin? You heard,

I wish I had a magic wand so I could make you mine
And I wish I had the patience to say you can take your time,
but I'm walking round your mind because I dunno where I stand, and I'm a very busy guy I feel like i'm wasting time,
And my art is like an aura its draws me, towards yah... applause phwoa,
You inspired the track who said you haven't got talent, take a bow now your a co-authhh--or,
Youre somebody's daughter and im somebody's son,
Could be somebody's daddy and somebody's mum,
This is a special song for you so let your grin sing along it,
If you want me in your heart I'll be there quicker than sonic, init,
Theres something very deep about you that I like,
How can I push the right buttons when I cant put my finger on it?
I wish I was a million trillionaire, Id put so many rings on your finger they'd say your hand was polyphonic


Everything im saying now's straight from the 'H' and even if the skies were grey u could make me feel great,
And I can make you feel the same if you give me your number because you remind me of a month in the summer...
(Darling, this song is dedicated to you)
I can make you feel the same of you give me your number because you remind me of a month in the summer

{Verse 2}
Hey daughter, close your eyes lets take a walker,
I got sumut to tell you, I got a lot to talk,
Im looking for a reason why we couldn't be together,
Freezing, cold, warmer, warmer, oohh I see...
I might not be what you want,
In the eye of the beholder you see what you want,
I know that coffee ain't everybody's cuppa tea,
But Im a man of confidence that doesn't discourage me,
God made me what I am, and that's what im gunna be,
The same god that knows I wanna be, with you,
Im looking for the realest thing, I aint into getting slappers on there knee's,
tryna give me, like a guillotine,
I wanna sneak into your sleep and see the man of your dreams,
Knock on your door next day dressed exactly like him,
Kiss just like him, caress just like him,
Confuse you so much you start thinking that im him,


I wish that you fancied me the way I fancy you,
Id introduce you to my faithful fans and make them fancy you,
Fancy me picking you up and taking you to a saloon,
Walking out a hour later with your new fancy do,
We can write a story with a beautiful ending,
But we cant write a story if we dont have a start, init,
I know it sounds dark, but I wish,
Who evers got your heart would turn crazy and rip it apart,
Thats when I would walk by and pick up the pieces,
Excuse me beautiful, ey, do u need this,
Put it back together (again), put a rap together (again),
Promise you you'll never go through this ever again,


April, May June, Juli, August, 'Tember, all the months in the summer, I dont care if its grim
Tell them boys to stop bittin; you know how we do,
Sweet, 2005 we're normal, 2006 we're natural

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