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Murda Cloak Lyrics

feat. Anybody Killa

from Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 4

"Murda Cloak" is track #29 on the album Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 4.
"Murda Cloak" is track #29 on the album Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 4.

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Goin' Trick Or Treatin' In My, Murda Cloak(2x)

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
I Woke Up I Don't Remember Fallin' Asleep,
I Feel The Same Wickid Hungers Calling From Deep,
They Tell Me To Hunt Devil In They' Robes And Slippers,
Take Some Rope Clippers, A Black Cloak And Scissors,
Now I'm Standin' In The Back Yard If I Don't Regret,
Steady Sweatin' When I Do This, Ain't No Forgettin',
Enter Through The Back Door While Everybodys Asleep,
I See They Tighty And Neat, I Bout' To Bloody The Sheets,
It's Gonna Be A Blood Splatter Expert Feild Date,
Because I'm Killin' Today To Take This Feelin' Away,
He Told Me You People Are Here To Ruin Our Cause,
When I'm Unsrewin' Your Jaws Your Gonna Have To Repaint The Walls,
And Its A Hunger Man, I'm Hungary Like I'm Homeless And Its Thanksgivin',
Thank You For Your Sacrafice Your Life Is What You Givin',
No Forgivin' Me You Hate The Homicidal Insane,
You Hate Nuttin' With These Scissors In Your Brain ,
Now Watch Your Eyes Bleed,

Its A Sickness Life..
(I Can't Stop Myself)
I Need Some Help
(Now When Nobody Left I'm Killin' Myself)

(Violent J)
Sometimes I Wear My Murda Cloak And Turn Into The News,
I Like To Watch They Speculations Cause They Always Assume,
They Got A Shoeprint Big Deal When I Been
Burned Up There,
When The Fuck Them Stupid Piggys Gonna Learn Up There,
I Tied A Bitch Up..I Had To Duct Tape The Bitch Face,
I Threw Her In The Trunk Got Home And Found Her Suffercated Waste,
I Had To Cut The Bitch Up, Just Met To Shut The Bitch Up,
I Never Fucked That Hoe, They Said I Did Man She Was A Slut,
I'm Sick And Tired Of They Lies Thus' Everybody Dies,
Break Into Some Homes,
I Take The Spoon And Bloody Eyes,
I'm Nutty Guys,
But You Can't See The Darkness I Do,
Maybe I'm Heartless Its True,
But Every Part Is Cause You,
My Daddy Beat Me With A 7 Iron Then Brought Home A Hooker,
My Daddy Beat Her With A Shovel Threw Her In The Cooker,
Next Day I Hate To Say It But You Know What Happened Next?
He Served My Plate And In The Meat I Found A Cotex,
Oh My God,



A Time To Don On Murder,
The Murda Cloaks,
Join Us,
As We Free Fall Backwards,
Into The Depths,

(Anybody Killa)
A Murda Cloak Cracks Down Way Passed The Ground,
It Makes My Wanna Take The Life Of Anyone Around,
So Be Aware Of The Killer Dressed In All Black On Halloween,
Face Of Revenge Commin' Back From Past Things,
Fires On The 30th, Murder On The 31st,
Long Heavy Work That I Had Since Birth,
Lookin' Like The Next Generation Of Darth Vader,
With The Hatchet In my Hand So I Can Swing At All The Haters,
Fuck It
Whoevers Breathin' I Have To Take Their Last Breath,
Cause I'm The Wickidist Murderer And Massacerin' All Thats Left,
Try Trick-Or-Treatin' On The Streets In My Neighborhood,
We'll Pack Your Whole Family's Stomache For Goods,
I Put Fear In The Eye Of A Blind Man Walkin',
Cause He Can See For The FIrst Time In His Life,
Then I Take His Health, And Leave Him Gaspin' For Air,
So Every Halloween You Better Know Murder Cloak Beware,

Life Is So... Cold, Life Is So Mean,
Just Let Me Sleep Until Next Halloween...
Repeat Till' End


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