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Murk Off Lyrics

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Oh oh oh-crazy (the weezy effect)
Money is the motivation
(hop on that thing like Murk offs Birkwalks)

Oh you did it!
Ha!, you gotta get it!
Weezy F Is in your building,
I will step,
On your building from the steps,
Of my building,
Raise hell,
Hells wizard,
Call me young Raekwon,
I'm a chef in hells kitchen,
Sweetest devil food,
I eat angles for dinner,
Call me whatcha want,
I don't give a finger in the middle!
Im a hold it down and blow it,
And anchor is tha missile,
When I say we got the [prrrrrrrr]
I aint tryin to whistle!
Long body Maybach,
It make me feel so little,
I'm ballin on them suckas,
And I won't pick up my dribble,
Retarded on the beat,
I spit hospitals,
And she couldn't stand under my umbrella if it drizzle
My whip game proppa,
My F aint Proppa,
So run and I will get you like Jeremauh Tratta,
Call me young Carta,
My leathers so soft and I be stuntin like my dada!

Money is the motivation,
Money is the motivation,
Money Money is the motivation,

Hop in that thing Murk off swerve off x5 (you know)
Money is the motivation
Money is the motivation

Yeh, Gangsta to the core,
Dey go rap flamer,
Paint yo kitchen floor,
Which ya, which you can't ignore,
Things you endure,
When up against the boy,
All I heard is "Weezy don't spill me no more"
I hear your bullshit,
I play matador,
I'm out of category,
I aint there wit yall,
I got a positive vibe but I ain't scared of yall..

Get the kid nigga,
Dey'll never let it off,
That ratt-attat go off,
That keh keh keh keh keh!
I got a gal so fine,
Her name Perione,
She know how to get them things and I carry on,
I blow out of town,
Dreads when I'm outta town,
Up town in a building,
Not a sound,
Coz killers don't get heard about,
They get whispered about,
Or you've been murdered out boy!,

Money is the motivation,
Money is the motivation,
Money is the motivation,
Facing tha Avenue,
Hop in that thing murk off swerve off x6 (you know)
They call me birdman chill junior,

'8 am open my eyes,
Yeah kicked my bitch tell her open the blinds,
And i'm over the stove at 9,
Yeah I'm cookin breakfast for the block,
Then I let her cook mine,
Yeah quick line in the bathroom,
Before we bounce now,
Not me,
I mean her,
She go a day a ounce, daym!
Y'all pray for her,
While I'm at the bus station,
In the bentley,
Sittin' low as I wait for ya,

I'm getting dough,
I'ma paper,
Boy ima take ya,
For the right paper,
Boy I will take her,
Shake her,
Tape her,
Waist up,
Send her to the money,
She'll be back before I wake up,
Ha, get your cake up,
Ya'll niggas lamed up,
Ya'll should probably get your game up,
When I'm givin' the game up,
My name Wayne, What,
Hot boy flame up,
You niggas trying to change up,
When I'm getting my change up!

Money is the motivation,
Money is the motivation,
Money is the motivation,
Facing tha Avenue,
Hop on that thing Murk offs Birdwalks x5 (you know)

Money is the motivation
Money is the motivation..

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