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My Children Lyrics

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I'mma say this out to my first born child
I'll never wanna hate (?)
Daddy look

I say this out to my first born
I've been honored (?)
They wanna make me ground all yet all some
She the princess and her mama is the queen
Eight years old feel like she's sixteen
She tells me sweet things when I walk through the door
I always tellem yeah and her mama tell her no
Shouldn't saw my mama eyes when she saw i was a grand child
When she was small man she use to give me sweet child
Cute when she smilin
Cute when she mad
Straight ain't stupid ain't gonn lie
I been bad
I was waiting for my baby when she came out the room
Rap place fort everythang she a goon
First born and I

I'm writing you a letter
This is to my second born child
Wanna let you know I love you

Now the second birth for pretty black
She love that and like
Even love six pack
Second love a rack back (?)
First cheers he was rupper we make it true (?)
But she was well to care
and that's the truth
She got a heartcrack quick just like mamma
She be like "daddy when we grow up we gonn shine"
Wanna mamma she be trippin with a child support (?)
But she was ten and even more four times upon (?)
Love it when she had a hairview so cute (?)
I let your love at there (?)
And I love her to
Smart school on tops
Like daddy hate cop
I love when she loves me that's how we ride second born

I'm writing you a letter
This is to my third born child
Wanna let you know I love you

Now it's third birth for Toodie
The third of my kids
The boy loves money who you think he get it from?
Pick up on everything can't get nothin bon(?)
Love play my guns soft nobody dont try
Everything he do it be like "daddy look at me!"
So just like me
He might be ADD (?)
Got a smile like daddy
Held like daddy (?)
We he grow up he going bread like daddy
Boy some neff(?) think he a drive already
Let me get the wheel I'm like cheerlead some
Rappin already I think he gonn be the one (?)
Shout out to my third born too

I'm writing you a letter
This is to my fourth born child
Wanna let you know I love you

This is Victory (?)
Colour fade honour (?)
Love to fight people
Love to bite people
Smile so big everybody love to it
When I holla she be cryin but she fake him overtime (?)
Love dress love big love mama love daddy (?)
First time I saw mane I knew right then (?)
Hate to change name cause her mama playin game (?)
Name out baby out the hot all mane (?)
Two years old so smart so beautifull
I love Tory and Tory know
When she gone I be missing her when she home I be kissin her
Shout out to my fourth born too and I

I'm writing you a letter
This is to my fifth born child
Wanna let you know I love you

Now these next verse for my fifth child
He wake up everymorning and crawl(?) over me and say "Daddy!"
Polos everyday drows by a case
When he came out I was right there "Wait" (?)
After he gonn shoot that ball(?) cause he loves that ball
Eyes turned great black and like brown
He hate to give his nose cleaned hate it with his teeths (?)
He hate it when he cry
When he shit he shit a lot
Boosie fade already he gonn be a ladies man
Ain't scared in nothin mane I love my lil mane
Ooh Iberie(?)
He gonn be a ladies man
One shout to my fifth born

I'm writing you a letter
This is to my sixth born child
Wanna let you know I love you

Now this verse for my sixth child
I call her B
Valley(?) she lead(?) she straight
But she needs to see me
The couple stars a week now I got a heal G (?)
And I'm feel a drop up on we gone for like weeks
Love them fat chicks love that long hair (?)
Best believe your dad gonn be there
I call her fat toon and a Beyonce (?)
Cause I think she gonn be a star like Beyonce
She be open on walk when a crews you know (?)
Lil B so sweet
That girl she get eat (?)
One months two months now she turns three
I love my baby girl and I know she love me

I'm writing you a letter
This is to my onborn child

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