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My Homies Still (Explicit)

[Lil Wayne]
Man, fuck yall with a sick dick
Semi automatic, no click click
We dont feel you, like an elephant
Getting, with a tick tick
Little little with a thick bitch
And before I fuck this bitch
I gotta put that patch over my third eye, Slick Rick
Trukfit t-shirt, talk second, skeet first
Boy your girl a jump off
I hope she land feet first
She give me brain, research
And I prefer reefer
But if you want some, want some
Thats cool cause my homies still

Yeah my homies still
My homies still
Yeah my homies still
Dont make my goons go stupid
Go stupid, go stupid, yeah
Dont make my goons go stupid
Go stupid, go stupid, yeah

[Big Sean]
Okay, my girls and cars both scert off
I like the pussy, so wet I can surf off
In the hot spot cause a nigga never chillin
I do it for my niggas, I just do it to these bitches
Boy, I over grind, over shine
Aint another nigga over Sean
Im gettin paid, its Oprah time
Im rollin pine, Im so divine
Im westside, westside
Dark glasses on like Im going blind
Looking like Easy E
Its just me and Lil Weezy Wee
Get off my

[Lil Wayne]
Look, Im eastside them haters
? Muthafucka going deaf
Weezy F, eastside them haters not
Bump with so much bass
Tunechi, Tunechi, Tunechi
I dont love them hoes
Got so much, you gon need another nose man
And I just play my hand
But I am not the dealer
You see I got them tear drops
I cry a nigga river
I got that Trukfit t-shirt
Listening to Rebirth
I skate until my feet hurt
Hot boy, free Turk
Pussy for dessert
Put your hands beneath Earth
And I dont sell drugs but if you need work
My homies still

[Big Sean]
Whoa, okay, well this is what I do do
Got your sister dancing out the ? in a tutu
Got me in control, no strings attached, thats that voodoo
She said cant nobody do it better, I tell her, true true yep is true true
My my bro bro say these bitches aint shit
I got the girl you came with and the girl she came wit
She is lickin and drinkin water, I might just come slip in
And your misses gonna go missin
If she addicted to what my dick did
Boy I get it

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