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My Life" Lyrics

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Eo deoh keh dwen keo ya kan seop ha ji ma.
Deo ee sang eun na doh ji chyeot seo, neon mol rat teon keo ya.
Ee jehn neol it get seo. ta ga oh ji ma,
Oh keu geh nae geh moo seun soh yong ee get seo
Hey girl it ain't going to change between
You and your boo put a hold on me ever since
I held you what compells you to be mamasize patch
And lust you gave up on a real bro. with
Understanding and trust ain't no comparison
You leave all the rest behind you blow my mind
Undercover when you workin' my shine
You lay pipes for like anyother plumber took a day
And night you can't be commin'
Oo- i'm gonna make it through this love
Oo- ee mi na doh neo eui moh deun geol al rah
Oo- i got movin' on i got movin' on
Deo ee sang eun nae geh ah moo geot doh pa ra ji ma
Everytime i spend all my life babe
At that time you're my goddess
I can't live without you my lady
Said i fooly yesterday
Everyday you make to be crazy
I don't wanna gotta be back
I can live without you my lady
Please don't don't creep into my world
Ta shi ni ga dol rah wa doh sa yang ha get seo
Neo eh dae han mam eun ee mi moh doo ta seo peo ryeot seo
Deo ee sang nae in saeng ehn neo eui ja ri ga eop seo
Oh fool not boo-
Yeah check your choice babe
Read it to your boy and her.
He speard the word that you were,
Soft he collecttin' a
Felony never laugh but my big breath
You took a we was puffin' the air just the little
Things you do but the bigger was i so better sl 500
Colorful koon sweaters and leather
Diamonds letters fell you broker say the sugar for
You keep the vanise running droppin'
Off keys and came cool.

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