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My Name Is Joker Lyrics

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my name is joker
habitual smoker
i burnt so many trees that i got splinters in my toaster
i need a bitch to stay below my waist like a hoaster
and then i sit my cup up on her booty like a coaster
i brag about my money
so there callin me a boaster
i hollar giddy-up like i was on the ponderosa
you say you don't feel me well come a little closer
ill show you what a gangsta look like or at least suppose to
my blunt is filledth very deadly weed i call it threw my eye
stay low like gay dudes in the mens bathroom
do you marvel at my flow or shivver at my genius?
you think of STD's from all the hickies on my penis
we let the beat live, these other rappers are a bore
i kill so many tracks they reconize me at the morgue
bought a 20 pack of trojans at my last trip to the store
i did a show that night and had to go the next day to buy more
you can test me if you want, examination f you choose
but my glock will leave your shirt looking like dorathys shoes
oh little dorathy see home is a place that i cant go
after a couple blunts im somewhere over the rainbow
i have these hoes afraid to take afraid to take a look into the mirror

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