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Lil Wayne
My Name Is Lyrics

Thats right baby!

Uh, slick dick and youre my one and two
So sweet what I did what a honeydew
No point attended, no one offended
You just better not leave your girlfriend unattended
I holla at her, holla but dont scream,
I ask her why sleep if we dont dream?
So lets stay awake besides dreams are fake
She say ooh you deep
I ask how deep can you take?
Hehe, my love boat in your lake
Baby can I stick my love note in your gate?
Hehe, read it and weep
Sincerely fuckin yours weezy F.B

and my name is weezy baby!!
And Im
Young mula baby!!

ok now shawty high yellow, shawty eyes brown
shawty soul gold, and so is my crown
baby callin me bad,
shawty toes red, and so is my flag
purple in my bag black pearls like that!
And she dont wanna she dont wanna let wayne go!
She just wanna wanna follow the Waynebow
And im gonna let her
Cuz me and her colors create art together

and my name is weezy baby!!
And Im
Young mula baby!!

Id prefer that you would just call me Weezy
Eastside gangsta, and I be runnin this shit
Like the flanker
Black car banker
Hanker in the back pocket and I wear them skinny jeans
So you see my fat wallet Thats right Im a big shot
Call me little cannonball, Mr. Gets up in your girl mouth
Like some amber salt,
Hip hop president
Aint my girl eloquent?
Dont she got more junk in her trunk
Then an elephant?
Nigga im a animal!
Watch me I examine you!
My chucks are old but I swear to you my flannel new
Man I get money manual
Then I just man you

Bitch that nigga!
Im gonna light my land roof young money!

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