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Neul Lyrics

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u-ri eol-ma ma-nin-ga-yo
ch'a mo-raen shi-ga-ni heul-reo-ne-yo
wae cha-ggu nae ma-mi a-p'eun keon-chi
wae-geu-ri a-p'a-ha-na-yo
hok-shi-ra-do him-deu ni ri-seo-na-yo
wae a-mu-mal-ha-ji an-na-yo

*chi-geu-min-de keu-dae a-p'in-de
ma-rae-yeo ha-neun-de na-ye ma-eu-meul
o-raen shi-gan keu-dae-reul hyang-han
ki-reo-deon nae ki-da-ri-meul
pa-bo kat'-jyo hang-sang keu-rae-jyo
keu-rae-ya hae-jyo keu-dael wi-hae-seo
sa-rang-hae-yo yeo-jeo-ni kam-sa-hae-yo*

wae nal chap-ji a-na-na-yo
wae a-mu-geot-do mut-ji a-na-na-yo
keu-dae eobt-neun nae-ga kwaen-j'a-neul keot kat'-na-yo

* (Repeat)

na al-go i-seo-yo nae-ga keu-dae-ye-ge
ma-ji-ma kan-ga-ji hae-jul su i-neun keo-shi
i-byeol-bbu-ni-ra-neun keot

i-je-seo-ya kkae-da-reun na-ye
mo-ja-ran sa-rang-eul yong-seo-hae chweo-yo
sa-rang-hae-yo yeo-jeo-ni kam-sa-hae-yo
sa-rang-hae-yo i-ma-ri ha-go shi-p'eo-jyo..

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