Future - Never Satisfied [Ft. Drake] (Snippet) (NEW)

[Intro: Future]
No matter what you do, it's never enough
I don't understand these bitches, Drizzy
Trying though, they ain't never satisfied

[Hook: Drake]
Time after time after time
Money's all I get and there's still money on my mind
I ain't never satisfied
Yeah, I ain't never satisfied
And you can make it rain until your arms tired
As soon as it all stop them bitches just wonder why
They ain't never satisfied
They ain't never satisfied

[Bridge: Drake]
I'm putting pressure on these niggas and I know
But we still be on the road like we scared of going broke
Cause I ain't never satisfied
I ain't never satisfied

[Verse 1: Future]
And it's a lot of money in the room
I gotta find another spot, hiding soon
I mix the rosé with the purple juice
I hustle everyday and you don't have a clue
After you get money and all your dreams come true
It's like everything that surround you get brand new
I can't never forget the struggle and I pay dues
Can't let the money and fame come between my crew
My pain still runnin' deeper than the ocean
Ordered up 10,000 ones and I throw it
Name a bag in the store that she ain't got
Name a designer store that we ain't shop
They ain't never satisfied


[Verse 2: Drake]
There's a lot of money in the room
She said she wanna ball, wanna shoot some hoop
I put up big numbers for a new recruit
We just out here doing what young niggas do
Me and that boy Future could probably start a group
On some K-Ci and JoJo shit, have these bitches loose
Man, they know what it do
We got these niggas in the game stuck and they shouldn't move
I don't like sudden moves
Tell me how is it that every fuckin' verse get the rewind
And the watch cost too much for free time
And I hit the strip club, that's my me time
See I can't get much bigger, I'm that nigga, but they ain't never satisfied


[Outro: Drake]
Ain't no pressure on the money, Lord knows
But we still on a roll like we scared of going broke
We ain't never satisfied, we ain't never satisfied

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