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Never Seen Those Skit Lyrics

from Astronaut Status

"Never Seen Those Skit" is track #13 on the album Astronaut Status.
"Never Seen Those Skit" is track #13 on the album Astronaut Status.

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i never seen these

my gucci's got bolts on them too
alligator wrapped round the sole
you cant find these in stores
yeen never seen these

high top loius v checkerboard
walkin like im walkin on the moon
imma Louis v tycoon
you ain't never seen these

put the louis on like i'm bout to go runnin
runnin to the money while the money steady comin,

hey, checkerboard jacket add on the shoes 4 racks without taxes,
yeea, i'm Louis v tycoonin, i took off to the moon'n, my belt my pants say Louis,
i shop so much in Louie, you'll swear the kid was boosting, the scarfs and shades
the wallets, chains, i swear i try to buy everything, i hop on the plane, flyer
than the plane, what's my designer name, b**** i think i'm rick James, fashion
is my passion, coordinated ain't ordinary how i'm actin, i see you swagga snacking


alligator, gucci, crocodile Dundee, underground king pimp c, bun b
yeea, gone & show the swagga, astronaut forever, rockstar Mcjagger, yeea,
imma set my trend again, put spikes on louis v tens, them chuck taylors out dated
i'm bringin them back again, for sho, for sure, i kill them in contour, s*** on you cow manore
i'm fly like avator, yeea i meant avatar, the guru took you far, went to pluto in mars, the start of total war
you tryna fin these, cant find these in america, i walk on m&m's, Man i'm to bizarre

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