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New Day Lyrics

I want you (Yeah!)
I got to have you (hehe, alright)
But what will this lead to? (Am I wrong?)
Will it just be me and you? (Yeah!)
Tell me; you know I want you (You said that already)
Tell me how you feel

I will be pleased if you roll my weed
Because Im sober as a cobra
Im sitting on the floor, you on the sofa massaging my shoulders
Only me and you and none of my homies coming over

Cuz I already called them told them well be local until the morning
Pourin up mimosa Tropicana and Don P
You drunk and full of weed and on E and horny and on me
I got that knockout, Ill beat it up until you fall asleep

Your home-girl been in the sheets before don't act like she aint told you
In the streets he cool and calm but in the bed he's so controlling
Said I'm something serious and thats what got you curious
Your eyes are the windows to your inner thoughts

And darling, you got your curtains drawn making your blinds up
Now I know theres nothing run into your mind besides
The thought of pulling your thong to the side and letting me behind you
Got a hand full of that pretty hair I hope is yours

Cuz Im gon be putting on it like its tug-of-war
Bout to fall from the bed to the floor
Tomorrow both of us will be sore thats for sure
But I hope you aint too hurt to fuck once more
And before we knew it last night will turn into a

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