10 Fun Facts About John Legend's 'All of Me'

A list of facts about John's hit song that might surprise you...

Welcome to the second episode of MetroLyrics' Did You Know? video series where we bring you fun and little-known facts about your favorite songs and artists. This new clip is all about John Legend's chart-topping, tearjerking song "All Of Me," for which we dug up 10 fun facts that just might surprise you. For instance, did you know that the song was written for John's wife Chrissy Teigen and that it took him and co-writer Toby Gad only three hours to write? And there's more. Did you know that John performed the song at the star-studded wedding of his album's executive producer Kanye West? It's true! Find out those facts and more by watching the video above.
John Legend's Wrote Out His 'All Of Me' Lyrics For Us
It's practically a work of art!...More
Stay tuned for more videos in our Did You Know?series coming soon. Be sure to check out our "All Of Me" handwritten lyric feature with Legend, as well as this stunning cover by up-and-comer Emma White.

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