10 Songs For The Greatest Camping Trip Ever

Summer has officially been kicked off: get camping-ready with these 10 tracks!

Cheers, y'all, it's summer time! Your bags are packed, and you want to spend some time in the great outdoors, right? What goes better with a camping trip with your best buds than a killer playlist? Over here at MetroLyrics, we think we know our stuff when it comes to setting the mood with a song or two, so seeing as plenty of y'all are pitching tents this weekend, we're counting down 10 songs that should guarantee the best camping trip...ever. Yes, we know that's a grand statement, but count down with us and see if you agree with our rugged, outdoorsy song selections...

10. "Riptide"

We hope that y'all don't get stuck in a riptide when you go camping by the beach. If there's no ocean by where your tent spot is, then you're in the clear!

9. "River Bank"
Anybody on here pitching their tents by the river bank? Brad Paisley knows how it's done.

8. "Mosquito"
Better bring plenty of bug spray on your camping trip: those skeeters are known to pack a whallop. Just ask Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

7. "Raging Fire"
Isn't the best part of camping getting to build yourself a "raging fire"? Phillip Phillips speaks the truth.

6. "West Coast"
If you're camping on the west coast this weekend, it's kind of expected that you blast Lana's ode to the sun and surf the entire time.

5. "A Sky Full Of Stars"
Isn't it great to get away from it all and get in some quality star-gazing while you camp? Coldplay definitely agrees.

4. "Team"
Camping isn't easy, so during packing, set up, and take down, you & your camping party better work as a "team". Lorde's got your back.

3. "Best Day Of My Life"
We can totally imagine prancing through the woods and singing this heartfelt song by American Authors as we do it. Best day ever!

2. "Rather Be"
There's no place we'd rather be than the great outdoors, right?

1. "Cup Song"
Guys, if you're bored with nothing to do around the campfire, just blast Anna Kendrick's "Cup Song" and learn how to do the crazy cool cup moves. Everybody's doin' it!

What other songs would you put on your camping playlist? Have a fun, safe long weekend everybody!