15 'New Look' Songs To Celebrate Our New Design

A custom playlist to celebrate our shiny new site design!


You might have noticed that things are looking a bit different here at MetroLyrics. That's because we've unveiled a totally overhauled, premium design to bring you a much better experience, and one that you've always wanted out of a lyrics site.

Here are a few changes you'll notice right away:

  • Our new-look lyric pages allow you to read, interact, and share your favorite song lyrics

  • Video is incorporated into all lyric pages, allowing you to watch music and lyric videos in page while scrolling along with the lyrics

  • You'll find a lot more premium content down the right column of the lyric pages, including editorial features, pictures, and more video.

  • We've also replaced our old blue and orange color-scheme with something a little more contemporary (hot pink FTW!)

Have a look around the site and let us know what you think by getting in touch through emailFacebook, or Twitter. And while you're surfing around, click play on this custom playlist we put together, inspired by our new design, that includes songs about a new look.

1. New Day ☀ Alicia Keys
2. Celebrity Skin ☀ Hole
3. So Fresh, So Clean ☀ Outkast
4. Upgrade U ☀ Beyonce ft. Jay Z
5. Look At Me Now ☀ Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne
6. Begin Again ☀ Taylor Swift
7. Harder Better Faster Stronger ☀ Daft Punk
8. Brand New Start ☀ Little Joy
9. A Change Is Gonna Come ☀ Sam Cooke
10. I'm Different ☀ 2 Chainz
11. Start Over ☀ Beyonce
12. The Phoenix ☀ Fall Out Boy
13. Ignition (Remix) ☀ R. Kelly
14. It's Gonna Be Me ☀ N Sync
15. ...Baby One More Time ☀ Britney Spears

Let us know what you think about our new design in the comments!