15 Songs For Your Labor Day Long Weekend

Summer's over and it's back to school: hang on to your last lazy days with our Spotify playlist!


Got that summertime's-over-sadness? Going back to school next week? Then you're going to want to get your groove on this Labor Day long weekend, and we've got the perfect Spotify playlist for you. It's been a pretty amazing summer: tons of big albums were released, lots of music festivals went down, and the VMAS / Emmys were both huge events to go down this summer. Sadly, it's time to pack up your backpack or briefcase and head back to school or work (or both!), but at least you have this weekend to sneak in a final BBQ, camping trip, or staycation. Need a soundtrack for your Labor Day long weekend? We have it right here:

1. Back To School Again ♩ Four Tops
2. White Noise ♩ Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge
3. Indian Summer ♩ Gavin DeGraw
4. Labor Day (It's A Holiday) ♩ The Black Eyes Peas
5. Lazy Days ♩ Schwayze
6. Summertime Sadness ♩ Lana Del Rey
7. Parking Lot Party ♩ Lee Brice
8. Slow Down ♩ Selena Gomez
9. Summer's Gone ♩ Pretty Lights
10. Work ♩ Iggy Azalea
11. American Girl ♩ Bonnie McKee
12. Beautiful Goodbye ♩ Maroon 5
13. Gone, Gone, Gone ♩ Phillip Phillips
14. On The Way Home ♩ John Mayer
15. This Is The Last Time ♩ The National

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What song will you be blasting this Labor Day long weekend? Let us know in the comments...