15 Songs From Artists Dropping Albums This Year

2014 looks like it's gonna be a crazy year for new music! Stream our Spotify playlist.

We might be only two months into the new year, but the list of anticipated albums from some of the world's biggest names in music is piling up higher and higher by the week! Seriously, with people like Lily Allen, Pharrell Williams, and Mariah Carey all planning to deliver us new music in 2014, it's a little overwhelming. No matter what genre you're into, we bet there's an artist dropping a new record to fit it -- from Dierks Bentley with his country swagger to Rick Ross and his hip-hop chops, there's an album for everybody coming out this year. Wanna check out our Spotify playlist featuring songs from the upcoming records of pop's biggest names? Get the track list and the lyrics below:

1. I Want It All ♪ Karmin
2. Waking Light ♪ Beck
3. Air Balloon ♪ Lily Allen
4. Happy ♪ Pharrell Williams
5. The Art Of Letting Go ♪ Mariah Carey
6. The Devil Is A Lie (ft. Jay Z) ♪ Rick Ross
7. Cannonball ♪ Lea Michele
8. Coming Of Age ♪ Foster The People
9. Into The Blue ♪ Kylie Minogue
10. I Hold On ♪ Dierks Bentley
11. Birth In Reverse ♪ St. Vincent
12. Hurricane ♪ The Fray
13. I Got It (ft. Rick Ross) ♪ Ashanti
14. Everyday Robots ♪ Damon Albarn
15. Rumble ♪ Kelis

Whose new album can you not WAIT to hear in 2014? Let us know in the comments!