15 Superstitious Songs For Friday The 13th

Spooked out by Friday The 13th? This playlist might not be for you...

Grab a hold of your four-leaf clovers, rabbit's feet, and pennies today: it's Friday The 13th, and the superstitious are on edge. Avoid walking under ladders, crossing paths with a black cat, or stepping on sidewalk cracks today...you never know if the rumors are true about bad luck on this mystical day! We've put together 15 spooky songs for Friday The 13th on Spotify, so if you're feeling brave enough, plug in your headphones and stream our unlucky collection of black-magic-worthy tunes:

1. Superstition ▲ Stevie Wonder
2. Broken Mirror ▲ Travis
3. Abracadabra ▲ Sugar Ray
4. Black Cat ▲ Janet Jackson
5. Witchy Woman ▲ Eagles
6. No 13 Baby ▲ Pixies
7. Unlucky ▲ The Shirelles
8. Midnight City ▲ M83
9. Spirit In The Sky ▲ Norman Greenbaum
10. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites ▲ Skrillex
11. Black Magic Woman ▲ Fleetwood Mac
12. Living Dead ▲ Marina and The Diamonds
13. Shout At The Devil ▲ Motley Crue
14. Mystic ▲ Wavves
15. Voodoo Child ▲ Jimi Hendrix

What's your favorite superstitious song? Let us know after you listen to our Friday The 13th playlist on Spotify...