Evanescence And AmpRock TV Use Lyrics As Poetry In New Video Series 'The Words'


If you've ever identified with a song's lyrics more than its accompanying music (hey, doesn't always happen but sometimes it does!) then you'll love AmpRockTV's intimate new video series 'The Words.'

The concept is simple: they work with various artists like Marilyn Manson and My Chemical Romance and have them speak the lyrics to one of their songs without any accompanying music or melody. As a result, the words of the song are emphasized and fans get a poignant, lyrics-focused delivery of the song. Since lyrics are what we're all about, we obviously LOVE this.

The most recent band to be featured on 'The Words' is Evanescence showcasing their track "Lost in Paradise." Watch the video below and don't forget to check the band out this summer at the Carnival of Madness music festival!

What do you think of this video concept? Do you think lyrics can be more important than accompanying music? Tell us below...