2011 American Music Awards Prediction: Artist of the Year

The American Music Awards air on November 20th and Thursday morning, Pitbull and Nicki Minaj teamed up in L.A. to announce the exciting list of nominees! One of the biggest, most coveted categories is Artist of the Year for which Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne, and Taylor Swift are nominated. 

We've done awards shows prediction posts in the past but this one is going to be a liiiiitle different: for this American Music Awards prediction post, we're using a highly scientific method (aided in large part by Google Analytics)! We took all of the data from the nominated artists' lyrics pages over the past year to see which artist had the most pageviews. We then used the data to rank the nominees and, people, I think we have a winner! Check out our countdown of the nominees: 

5. Katy Perry with 13,409,375 views

4. Lil Wayne with 20,615,057 views

3. Taylor Swift with 22,385,458 views

2. Lady Gaga with 25,035,401 views

 and...drumroll please...

1. Adele with 30,934,058 views! 

It's no surprise that Adele has the most pageviews; you just have to glance at our Top 10 Lyrics page and see that this powerhouse has 3 SONGS in places 1, 3, and 6! Based on our stats, we think Adele will go home with the Artist of the Year award. What do you think?


DISCLAIMER: Obviously this isn't scientific, and who knows, the AMA's could pull out a Wild Card winner! Make sure to tune in on November 20th at 8PM Eastern on ABC to see the winners!