2012 In Review: Our Favorite Songs We #deCODED


One of our favorite exclusive features, #deCODED, began in 2011 but really took off in 2012! Ever since we introduced Song Meanings to our most popular lyrics, we knew that our audience really wanted to know more about the words of their fave songs, so we upped the ante this year and brought you our thoughts on what some of the best songs of 2012 meant behind the lyrics. Read on to see which tunes we #deCODED this year that we loved the most...

David Guetta ft. Sia — Titanium

With a 'positive message regarding inner strength and independence', David Guetta ft. Sia's "Titanium" has been in our Top 10 lyrics all year! This song means a lot to people, because it's about being strong in moments of weakness. We swear, practically every person on earth can relate to the lyrics of David Guetta's timeless tune...

Coldplay ft. Rihanna — Princess Of China

We thought the overall meaning of Coldplay ft. Rihanna's "Princess Of China" was essentially a couple singing back and fourth to each other about how they could have had a happily ever after. What stopped them from it? Well, Coldplay thought Rihanna was too controlling, and Rihanna thought that Coldplay 'stole the star' from their relationship, meaning the glimmer and hope that they could make it. :'(

Kelly Clarkson — Dark Side

Everybody's got a "Dark Side", according to Kelly Clarkson, and you know what? She's right! With a song that's all about asking your significant other if they can love you even when you're feeling down, Kelly's letting us know that 'nobody's perfect', after all, and we should respect one another because we're all going through the same thing: life.

The Lumineers — Ho Hey

One of 2012's biggest sleeper hits, "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers, has been a favorite in our Top 10 for weeks now. Everybody loves an underdog, which is why we're assuming that this song about 'believing in the power of love and winning back soulmates' was such a favorite this past year.

Demi Lovato — Give Your Heart A Break

2012 was totally the year of Demi Lovato! Her chart-topper "Give Your Heart A Break" was one of the biggest songs of the year, and with a message about reassuring her significant other that she won't break his heart like the others, it was a great tune with an equally great meaning.

What was your favorite song that we #deCODED in 2012? Thanks to everybody for an amazing year, and we'll see you in 2013...