3 Songs That Name-Drop Lollapalooza

With so much coverage on one of rock's biggest festivals, everybody can't stop talking about Lollapalooza 2012! Tickets are selling like hotcakes, and the lineup is making people from far and wide pack their bags for the Windy City. In honor of all this Lolla buzz, we thought: are there any songs that mention the legendary fest in their lyrics? Turns out there are three songs that do just that! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears at the ready for these artist's Lollapalooza name-drops...

Snoop Dogg ft. C-Murder — See Ya When I Get There

"We used to clown from town to town / Claiming dogg pound / Took you on Lollapalooza"

Iggy Pop — Shoeshine Girl

"She wore black on her clothing / And she wore black on her boots / It was Lollapalooza day / But she didn't like the groups"

Big Pun Ft. Brandy, Fat Joe — Top Of The World (Remix)

"Word chulaw we packing men like Lollapalooza / From here to Havana, Cuba then Puerto Rico en scooter"

Do you know of any other songs that name-drop Lollapalooza? Let us know in the comments.