3 Songs That Shout Out Flip-Flops

It turns out you can add summer vibes to any song by referencing flip-flops in the lyrics.

image of flip flops

It seems kind of silly to dedicate a day to footwear, especially the flip flop, the sandal forever associated with summertime. But then again, many an artist has referenced the beachwear staple in their lyrics. To commemorate Flip-Flop Day (and the first day of summer!) we put together a quick list of songs that reference flip-flops. Check out our picks below and give 'em a listen.

3. On To The Next One — Jay-Z

"Meanin' I'm on vaca', chillin' on a big yacht / Yeah, I got on flip-flops, white Louie boat shoes..."

I'm not sure how one goes about wearing flip-flops and boat shoes at the same time, but we know better than to question Jay-Z. The man can wear flip-flops on his hands for all we care.

2. Flip-Flop Summer — Kenny Chesney

"It's gonna be another flip-flop summer / Kick off your shoes and call up your lover..."

I don't have much experience in them, but cowboy boots seem like they'd be pretty tough on your feet. It's no surprise then that a country star like Kenny Chesney would be so willing to don flip-flops in the summer.

1. I'm On A Boat — The Lonely Island

"I got my swim trunks and my flippie-floppies / I'm flipping burgers, you at Kinko's / Straight flipping copies..."

Within a line or two, The Lonely Island manage to simultaneously brag about their summer lounging habits AND insult your crummy office job. If we weren't laughing along, we'd call that just plain rude.

Do you have any favorite songs that mention flip-flops? Let us know in the comments...