3 Songs To Put On Your Summer Barbecue Playlist

Picture this: you're outside sitting on fold up chairs in somebody's sunny backyard, your friends are with you, and burgers are sizzling on the barbecue. Now tell us, what song is playing on the speakers? That's the question we asked you on Facebook in order to put together a little backyard summer barbecue playlist. Here are your 3 best suggestions:

3. Simple Plan feat. Sean Paul - Summer Paradise

"Cause I remember every sunset / I remember every word you said / We were never gonna say goodbye"

This slightly romantic jam is great for all the couples at your barbecue. For those who aren't attached, Sean Paul brings some danceable elements to the song.

2. Kid Rock - All Summer Long

"Splashing through the sand bar, talking by the campfire / It's the simple things in life like when and where"

This laid-back summer song is great for some light-hearted background music PLUS provides ample opportunity for air guitar performances.

1. Flo Rida feat. Sia - Wild Ones

"I wanna shut down the club with you / Hey I heard you like the wild ones, wild ones, wild ones"

When the sun starts setting and the night starts heating up, put on this fun song to get people really moving!


What other songs would you play at a barbecue? Tell us in the comments!