30 Day Song Challenge! Day 12: A Song That Reminds You Of Your Parent/Parents

My mom and I used to go on special "drives" when I was younger if I needed to tell her something ~*totally dramatic*~ that was happening in my 13-year-old life: anything from my best friend dating the guy I liked (where "dating" meant calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend for a week and then breaking up on a field trip to the pool because he hit you on the head with a pool noodle), to being insecure about whether or not my oversized skate shoes made me look cool (hint: they didn't). Oh, to be young again. Either way, the sessions always ended with my mom giving me killer advice and then playing this song, to which we both knew all the words. Seriously, if you're feeling super overwhelmed about any dramz in your life, try not feeling better after giving this a listen. THANKS MOM!