30 Day Song Challenge! Day 30: The Last Song You Discovered

I love De La Soul but I've never paid much attention to their first album, "3 Feet High and Rising" until recently. "Eye Know" is such a great, up-beat track I'm kicking myself for not hearing it sooner. It's super summery and light and fun and a lil bit romantic. It just makes me wanna be on a swingset bobbing my head and swaying my legs. Or a backyard BBQ surrounded by my friends and family. Oh, and a pool! There would definitely be a pool. And how cute is the video with its bright, groovy background? If this isn't on your summer jams list already, it best be now. 

Well, looks like our 30 Day Song Challenge (Round 2) has come to a close! We love doing this kind of stuff so feel free to ask us questions! Seriously! We'll wax poetic on anything to do with music.