30 Day Song Challenge! Day 9: A Song From A Live Performance You've Been To

This was probably one of the largest and most elaborate concerts I have ever been to. Weezy was touring with Travis Barker, Rick Ross (yes, that's what you think it is), AND Nicki Minaj so I was a bit worried they might just rely on star power and crazy costumes throughout the show, but each performer totally brought their A game. I was waiting for this song the whole time and when it finally started I went berserk. And just as I was doing my best siren impression the dude directly behind me barfed and passed out. It didn't get on me, but I couldn't breathe through my nose for the rest of the show. Wee-ooo Wee-ooo Wee! Wee-oo Wee-ooo Wee! Wee-ooo Wee-oo Weee!